Information for refugees from Ukraine

Can I see a doctor? Will I receive money? Can my child receive education and can I work? And where can I find information in my own language?


What must I do when I arrive in the city of Groningen as a refugee?

Arrange a reception location address:

  • There are various reception centresexterne-link-icoon in Groningen. To receive a place in a municipal reception centre, you must register with the municipality. We will then check whether there is a place available. It does not have to be in the city of Groningen. 

    Register with the municipality of Groningen (during office hours!):
    • Municipal office: Kreupelstraat 1
      Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 hours (Thursdays to 19:00 hours)
    • WhatsApp: 06 12 82 39 73
    • From abroad: +31 6 12 82 39 73 (only for WhatsApp messages, not for calling or sending SMS texts)
    • Contact formexterne-link-icoon
    • Telephone 14 050
      Prepaid Lyca and Lebara subscribers: 050 367 70 00.
      From abroad: +31 50 367 70 00
  • Seeking accommodation with a host family. Various people offer accommodation in their own homes. To find out more, you can visit websites such as Takecarebnb.orgexterne-link-icoon and RefugeeHelp.nlexterne-link-icoon.


Can I go to the doctor as a refugee from Ukraine?

Refugees from Ukraine who need essential medical care can go to doctors and hospitals. Only healthcare from the basic package will be fully reimbursed. For more information, visit zorgverzekeringslijn.nlexterne-link-icoon (also in Englishexterne-link-icoonUkrainianexterne-link-icoon and Russianexterne-link-icoon).

There is an information desk or consultation hour at all reception centres. Refugees from Ukraine can go to these with their medical questions.

Can I go to the dentist as a refugee from Ukraine?

As a refugee from Ukraine, you can make an appointment to see a dentist. The Medical Care Scheme for Displaced Persons from Ukraine (RMO)externe-link-icoon indicates which treatments will be reimbursed.

More treatments are covered for children up to the age of 18 years than for adults.

The Mobile Dentist

The mobile dentist clinic is available to you every Wednesday at one of the following municipal reception centres:

  • De Held 3, Maresiusstraat 22a in Groningen (from April 17, 2024, once every 3 weeks)
  • Nescio, Emmalaan 33 in Haren (from April 24, 2024, once every 3 weeks)

Please call +31 50 367 74 44 to make an appointment.

This is the privacy statement of the Newcomers Program of the municipality of Groningen for making appointments with the mobile dental practice. In this document, we explain why we collect and use your personal data, which data is involved, who processes the data, the purposes for which the data is used, and your rights regarding this data.

You have made an appointment with the mobile dental practice. The mobile dental practice will be used to provide dental care to refugees from Ukraine.

Purpose of the Processing

To facilitate your appointment, it is necessary to process personal data. This data is used exclusively for this purpose.

Below, we provide more information about the processing of your personal data.

What is the basis for processing?

Personal data cannot be processed without a legitimate reason; there needs to be a so-called legal basis for processing. The personal data for making an appointment with the mobile dental practice is processed based on:

  • A task of public interest (Regeling opvang ontheemden Oekraïne).

Whose personal data is being processed?

The personal data of the following categories of individuals is processed:

  • People who make an appointment with the mobile dental practice.

Which personal data is being processed?

The following personal data is processed:

  • Name and address details
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • RMO care number
  • Citizen service number
  • Reason for dental appointment

The personal data is shared within the European Economic Area with Europe Medicare. Europe Medicare operates mobile dental practices and manages your appointment.

Who processes the personal data?

The Concernstaff of the municipality of Groningen is responsible for processing your personal data.

The municipality also uses Exquise Next Generation for processing, for which the organization Europe Medicare is the processor on behalf of the municipality of Groningen. A processing agreement exists with Europe Medicare for this purpose.

How long is the personal data retained?

Europe Medicare is obliged to retain your file for at least twenty years. Your data is stored so that it can be transferred to another healthcare provider if necessary.

The municipality of Groningen does not retain your personal data longer than necessary.


The municipality of Groningen does not use automated decision-making/profiling for processing your personal data for making a dental appointment.

What are my rights?

You have several privacy rights when your personal data is processed. For example, you have the right of access, to inquire about the data the municipality processes about you. For an overview of all your rights regarding your privacy and how to exercise these rights, please refer to this pageexterne-link-icoon on the website of the municipality of Groningen. Please note that this website is Dutch. If you have any questions about your rights, do not hesitate to contact us.

How is my data secured?

Both the municipality Groningen and Europe Medicare take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data well, as intended in article 32 GDPR. The appropriate level of security is guaranteed in accordance to generally accepted standards such as BIO and ISO 27001.

More Information

For privacy-related questions, you can go to the websiteexterne-link-icoon of the municipality of Groningen. Hereexterne-link-icoon, among other things, you will find the contact details of the Data Protection Officer.

Would you like more information about privacy and your rights? Then visit:

Changes to the Privacy Statement

This privacy statement can be changed at any time by the municipality of Groningen, without prior notice. Changes become effective from the moment they are published on the website. We recommend that you consult this privacy statement regularly so that you are aware of the changes.

We last modified this privacy statement on October 4th, 2023

Can I receive psychological help as a refugee from Ukraine?

If you have concerns, suffer from anxiety, or feel lonely, you can go to the consultation hour at one of the following reception centres:  

  • Nescio, Emmalaan 33 in Haren. Please call +31 6 45 12 97 00 to make an appointment.
  • Frascati, Stationsplein 7-9 in Groningen. Please call +31 6 21 65 45 73 to make an appointment.

Children aged up to 18 years are also welcome to come to the consultation hour, but are not eligible for further treatment. They can contact WIJ Groningenexterne-link-icoon instead.

Do I need health insurance as a refugee from Ukraine?

No, as a refugee from Ukraine, you do not need to arrange health insurance. As of 1 July 2022, you do not need to, even if you are working. You come under the RMO (Regeling Medische zorg Ontheemden uit Oekraïne, Medical Care Scheme for Displaced Persons from Ukraine). For more information, please visit the Zorgverzekeringslijn websiteexterne-link-icoon.


If you are a refugee from Ukraine and have brought your pet with you, we advise you to visit the vet as soon as possible. For example, dogs must be vaccinated against rabies.

Registering with the municipality

Refugees from Ukraine must register with the municipality of Groningen. This will make you eligible for a living allowance and employment.

Are you a host family?

Are you a host family for refugees from Ukraine? And do you live in Groningen? If so, please make an appointment as a host family to register refugees at your address.

Please make a separate appointment for each individual. This also applies to children.

Make an appointment >externe-link-icoon

Bring with you

  • All of your Ukrainian passports, ID cards and/or documents.
  • All of the people who need to be registered, including children.

Children without documents will also be registered if one of the parents can identify themselves.

Are you living at a municipality of Groningen reception centre?

Refugees at municipal reception centres will receive information and guidance about this at the reception centre.

Are you not living in the municipality of Groningen?

If so, you must register with the municipality in which you are living. You cannot register with us.

Temporary Protection Directive Ukraine

Refugees from Ukraine can receive temporary protection in the Netherlands by means of the European Union’s Temporary Protection Directive. Refugees from Ukraine are entitled to accommodation, health care and education for minor children. The directive also enables them to work in the Netherlands. To do so, refugees must be registered with the municipality. For more information, please visit the IND websiteexterne-link-icoon.

Living money

New living allowance rates as of October 1, 2023

Current amount per month

New amount per month as of October 1

Clothing and other personal expenses

€ 56,12

€ 60,71

Family of 1 or 2 people

Food per adult or AMV*

€ 215,06

€ 242,48

Family of 1 or 2 people

Food per minor child other than AMV

€ 178,36

€ 200,65

Family of 3 people

Food per adult

€ 171,99

€ 193,98

Family of 3 people

Food per minor child

€ 142,57

€ 160,64

Family of 4 or more people

Food per adult

€ 150,45

€ 169,74

Family of 4 or more people

Food per minor child

€ 124,97

€ 140,34

*AMV= unaccompanied minor stranger

Registering with the municipality

In order to receive a living allowance, refugees must register with the municipalityexterne-link-icoon.

Applying for a living allowance

If you are not living at a reception centre, then you must apply for a living allowance yourself. The Municipality of Groningen will contact you after you have applied.

Living allowance application form >externe-link-icoon

If you are living at a reception centre, then the centre will apply for the living allowance on your behalf.

Report a change or stop living allowance

When you start working, you are no longer entitled to a living allowance. Before you start working, you must notify the municipality. You can use this form for this. We stop the living allowance the month after you start working in the Netherlands.

If you want to report a change in your personal situation, you can also fill in this form.

Report change or stop living allowance >externe-link-icoon

More information

For more information, please visit the national government websiteexterne-link-icoon and the Refugeehelp.nlexterne-link-icoon website (in English, Dutch, Ukrainian and Russian).

Bank account

The municipality is issuing temporary bank cards that refugees from Ukraine can use to make payments. However, refugees should open their own Dutch bank account as soon as possible. The municipality will then deposit the living allowance into this bank account.

Opening a Dutch bank account

The betaalvereniging.nlexterne-link-icoon website describes what refugees from Ukraine have to do in order to open a Dutch bank account. This website has a list of Dutch banks. Refugees can open a bank account online with most banks here. The websites of most banks are also available in English and Ukrainian.  

Exceptional living expenses

Asylum seekers from Ukraine can initially cover the costs of living with their living allowance or income from work. However, they may have certain extraordinary expenses that the asylum seekers cannot pay with their available funds. These may include expenses for:

This is a specific expense that you must pay on your own, and that cannot be paid in another manner. The following terms and conditions apply in order to be eligible for this expense compensation:

Conditions for requesting extraordinary expense compensation

  • You came to the City of Groningen as an asylum seeker from Ukraine.
  • You are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of the City of Groningen.  
  • You have a Dutch bank account.  
  • You must send the request in Dutch or English.
  • You have necessary, unavoidable expenses.
  • You cannot pay the costs yourself with your own living allowance or income from work, and the costs cannot be paid for in another manner.
  • You must request compensation for the costs in advance (with the exception of emergency situations).

Registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP)

You must be registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of the City of Groningen. When you register, you will be given a Citizen Service Number (BSN). This number is required to open a bank account, and to request compensation for extraordinary expenses.

Dutch bank account

You need a Dutch bank account in order to request and receive this compensation for extraordinary expenses. Read more information about opening a Dutch bank accountexterne-link-icoon.  

Submitting a request

If you meet the terms and conditions, and you believe that you are eligible for compensation, please send an e-mail with your personal details to: . The City of Groningen will contact you as quickly as possible. 


Refugees from Ukraine are allowed to work in paid employment. The municipality supports contact between refugees from Ukraine living in the municipality of Groningen, employers and employment agencies. Job vacancies are posted at the municipal reception centres.  There are also weekly consultation hours that Ukrainian refugees living in the municipality of Groningen can attend for support and questions regarding work. You are welcome to attend and do not need to make an appointment:

  • Emmalaan 33, Haren: Monday 10:00 - 12:00 hours
  • Stationsplein 7 (Frascati building) Groningen, Groningen: Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00 hours
  • Maresiusstraat 22, Groningen: Thursday 10:00 - 12:00 hours

For any questions about work, refugees from Ukraine can send an e-mail to

Information for self-employed persons

Extra rules apply to refugees from Ukraine wishing to work as entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. These entrepreneurs require a work permit. For further information, please visit     

Refugees who have found work must cancel their living allowance.

This notification is mandatory. They can do so by sending an e-mail to The living allowance will be stopped in the month following the notification, regardless of the level of income. Refugees whose work comes to an end can apply for the living allowance again.

Information for employers

Ukrainian refugees who are employed do not need a work permit. They are covered under the Temporary Protection Directive Ukraine. So that they can work, the following matters need to be arranged for these refugees: a citizen service number (BSN), a valid identification document and a bank account. If in doubt, please contact the municipality.

If you employ a Ukrainian refugee, you must notify the UWV by visiting the website:

If you have job vacancies for Ukrainian refugees, we would like to hear about them! Please send an e-mail to We will then contact you.


Children aged 4 to 18 years who have come to the Netherlands from Ukraine are entitled to receive education. They can register to be enrolled in a school in Groningen.

Please note: Fill in a separate form for each child.

Education application form >externe-link-icoon

The municipality and school boards will work together to find a suitable school. For children aged up to 12 years, we will try to find a local school. Children aged 12 years and older can attend the Internationale Schakelklasexterne-link-icoon (ISK, International Transition Class).

You can find general information on education for Ukrainian students on the National Government websiteexterne-link-icoon.

If you have any questions about education for Ukrainian children, please send an e-mail to

Vocational education (MBO/HBO) and university education

Secondary vocational  education                                                                                                                          

For information about or to register for a course at MBO level:

Higher professional education (HBO) and university education

Students from Ukraine can continue their studies in the Netherlands as much as possible. The University Asylum Fund (UAF) has advised to link up as much as possible with existing Dutch training programmes. Please visit

For students who want to continue their studies at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, please visit the International Officeexterne-link-icoon

For students who want to continue their studies at the University of Groningen:

Tuition fees and student finance

Information about tuition fees and student finance can be found at the National Government websiteexterne-link-icoon.

Information can also be found on the following sites:

Free Dutch language lessons

The University of Groningen offers a free basic Dutch courseexterne-link-icoon online. On the Dutch Survival Kitexterne-link-icoon page, there is a document listing standard sentences for making initial contact in Dutch. 

More information

  • RefugeeHelp.nexterne-link-icoonl is the online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands, and for everyone who wants to help them. It provides information in Dutch, English, Ukrainian and Russian.
  • The Red Crossexterne-link-icoon has a WhatsApp information line for people who have fled from Ukraine. A voice or text message can be sent to +31 6 48 15 80 53 in Ukrainian, Russian or English.
  • The IWCN websiteexterne-link-icoon provides information in English about topics such as emergency accommodation and other ways to help. This is focused on the northern Netherlands.
  • For more information about pets from Ukraine, please visit the website.


Visit our contact page.