Information for refugees from Ukraine

Can I see a doctor? Will I receive money? Can my child receive education and can I work? And where can I find information in my own language?


Children who have come to the Netherlands from Ukraine are entitled to receive education. They can register to be enrolled in a school in Groningen. This applies to all children aged from four to 18 years.

Registering a child

If you would like to register a Ukrainian child, please contact us by filling in this form:

Fill in a separate form for each child.

Registration for education >

The municipality and school boards will work together to find a suitable school. For children aged up to 12 years, we will try to find a local school. Children aged 12 years and older can attend the Internationale Schakelklas (ISK, International Transition Class).

You can find general information on education for Ukrainian students on the National Government website.

For questions you may have about education for Ukrainian children, please send an e-mail to


Refugees from Ukraine are allowed to work in paid employment. This applies to refugees who are registered with the municipality.

The municipality can support you in finding work in the Netherlands. We have weekly consultation hours at several locations. Here you can get advice and practical support. You can drop by without an appointment.

  • Emmalaan 33 Haren: Tuesdays from 13:00 tot 15:00.
  • Eemskanaal 58 Groningen: Thursdays from 13:00 to 15:00.
  • Helsinkistraat 2 Groningen: Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00.
  • Avondsterlaan 134 Groningen: Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00.

Living allowance

A living allowance scheme is currently in place

  • Under this scheme, Ukrainian refugees living in a reception centre receive a living allowance of  € 260 per person, per month.
  • The allowance for adult Ukrainian refugees living with a host family is € 475 a month. Children living with host families receive a monthly living allowance of € 315.

Register at the municipality

Are you a refugee from Ukraine? Are you now living in the municipality of Groningen? Then you must register with the municipality in order to be eligible for a living allowance.

Register at the municipality >

If you are not living in the municipality of Groningen, then you must register with the municipality in which you are living.

Applying for living allowance

If you do not live in a reception centre, you must apply for a living allowance yourself. After the application, the municipality will contact you.

Applying for a living allowance >

Do you live in a reception center? Then the location will request the living allowance for you.

More information

For further information on the living allowance, please visit the national government website and the website (in English, Russian and Ukrainian).

Bank account

The municipality is issuing temporary bank cards that you can use to make payments. However, you should open your own Dutch bank account as soon as possible. The municipality will then deposit the living allowance into this bank account.

How do I open a Dutch bank account?

Please visit to find out what you need to do to open a Dutch bank account. This site has a list of Dutch banks. You can open a bank account online with most banks here. The websites of most banks are also available in English and Ukrainian.

Information in my own language

  • is the online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands, and for everyone who wants to help them. It provides information in Dutch, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

  • The Red Cross has a WhatsApp information line for people who have fled from Ukraine. A voice or text message can be sent to +31 6 48 15 80 53 in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

  • The IWCN website provides information in English about topics such as emergency accommodation and other ways to help. This is focused on the northern Netherlands.


Uninsured Ukrainian refugees who need essential medical care can go to doctors and hospitals. Only healthcare from the basic package will be fully reimbursed.

Information from the CAK for healthcare providers

Essential medical care for uninsured patients subsidy scheme

Members of the WIJ team are present at all of the reception locations. They are the point of contact for the refugees’ questions about healthcare.


The central government is working on developing schemes to assist Ukrainian refugees with matters such as registration, living expenses and insurance. As soon as we have more information, you will be able to read about it here.

Exchange money

From 7 June 2022 Ukrainians in the Netherlands can change up to 10,000 hryvnia in banknotes into euros. This can only be done once. You can do this at any GWK Travelex branch. For more information:


See our contact page.