Request a postal address

A postal address is the address of a family member, acquaintance or organisation that receives your post.


Under what circumstances can you request a postal address?

  • If you will be living abroad for 8 months or fewer.
  • If you are living in a care institution or prison.
  • If you have no home address. 

A temporary accommodation address or an address at a recreation park are also home addresses. You must then register at that address.

If you will be living abroad for longer than 8 months, you must inform us that you are emigrating.

Your postal address can also be the address of a legal entity, such as a foundation. This legal entity must be established in the Netherlands and must be designated by the municipality.

Apply online

Attach the following documents:

  • A completed and signed permission and application formexterne-link-icoon (pdf ).
    • Complete the first part of the form yourself.
    • Have the last page of the form completed by the main resident who gives permission for the postal address.
    • The main resident and you must both sign the form.
      Note! Fill in each question completely and truthfully.
  • A copy of the main resident's ID.
  • A copy of your ID.
  • Evidence of your stay in a care, penitentiary or other institution (if applicable).

You must add all the attachments mentioned to your application, otherwise we will not process your application.

You will receive a written decision about your request within 4 weeks after your application.

Request postal address >externe-link-icoon

Apply by post

You can also apply for a postal address by post. Send the permission and application form plus the required documents to:

Municipality of Groningen
PO Box 30026
9700 RM Groningen