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Lost bike

Lost your bike? Not sure whether your bike has been stolen or towed away by the municipality? Then first check out the Lost or Found website.

Bike towed away

If your bike wasn’t in a bike rack it could be that the municipality has towed it away. We only do this in places where a bicycle is in the way and is hazardous for pedestrians or people who, for instance, have poor vision or walking difficulties. The municipality also removes bikes that are left unattended for 12 days or more.

These towaway regulations apply to several areas in the city of Groningen:

  • Groningen main station (station area)
  • Groninger Museum
  • Station Europapark
  • Education Executive Agency (DUO) and Tax Office (Kempkensberg)

Collecting a bike

Towed away bikes are taken to AFAC Bike Depot Groningen on Travertijnstraat. You can collect your bike from there. It will cost 25 euros. You can only pay using your PIN card. If you have not collected your bike after 4 weeks, we will sell it. View information here about the sale of second hand bikes (in Dutch).

AFAC Fietsdepot Groningen
Travertijnstraat next to number 2
050 579 75 74
Open: Mondays to Fridays from 14:00 to 18:00 hours

Bike stolen

Do you think your bike has been stolen? You should then report this to the police (in Dutch).