Bicycle parking

Many people use bicycles in Groningen. To keep the city attractive and safe for everyone, there are rules for parking your bicycle.


Rules that apply to the entire city

  • Your bicycle should not be in the way. For example, at a zebra crossing, bus stop, guide strip or walking route. 
  • You may not lock your bicycle to a tree or street furniture. For example, a fence, lamppost or bench. 
  • Your bicycle may be left in the same place for a maximum of 28 days (stations 12 days).

Bicycle parking ban in area Grote Markt and Stations

In the colored areas on the maps you may only park in a compartment, rack or storage.

There are free bicycle storagesexterne-link-icoon in the area of the Grote Markt.


Bike removed?

Was your bicycle parked incorrectly? Your bicycle will then be removed by the municipality. Read how to get your bicycle back.