Residential supervision

Received a visit from one of our Residential Supervision inspectors? On this page you will find more information regarding this visit.

Received a flyer?

You gave permission to an inspector of the Municipality of Groningen to inspect your room/home. We gave no notice in advance about this inspection, so we understand that you might have a few questions. In this flyer we will provide you with more information.

During our inspection we focus on a few things. How many residents are living there? If the home is safe to live in and if the home complies with the regulations for fire-safety. We also investigate if the owner of the property has permission from the municipality to rent out the property.

We inspected the entire home, took pictures, and made notes. This data will be used for our case. Sometimes we contact the owner of the home, for example when we have questions about the home or permits.

After an inspection we sometimes conclude for example, that the home does not comply the regulations for fire-safety, or the homeowner might not have a permit for renting out the property. In this case we will write a letter to the homeowner and tell him to solve the issue we detected. Sometimes this means the homeowner can only rent out the property to one household. If the solution to the issue affects your situation, we will let you know.

If we do not detect any issues, we will close our case. We do not send out any form of communication in this case, but you can always ask the homeowner/property owner.