Commuters use the P+R sites, visitors the car parks and there is on-street parking for short stays.

Park & Ride (P+R)

There are 5 P+R parking lots on the outskirts of the city: Haren, Kardinge, Reitdiep, Hoogkerk and Meerstad. The P+R bus will take you to the city centre at your leisure and back again. Very convenient for commuters, but just as much for a day’s shopping.

Parking in all P+R parking lots is free of charge; the bus fare is € 6 for a maximum of 5 persons (including a return ticket on the same day).

For further information about bus times, fares and tickets, go to or call (+31) (0)900 728 99 65.

Google map with car parks and Park & Rides (P+R)externe-link-icoon

On-street parking

In the inner city and surrounding districtsexterne-link-icoon there is a paid parking system. These areas are signposted as such. For a brief visit or quick purchase you can park in the street, but only in the specially designated spaces.

  • In the city centre, within the ring of canals, the parking rate is € 4,50 per hour (max. 30 - 60 minutes). Paid parking is in force in the inner city on Monday through Wednesday from 09:00 to 22:00 h., on Thursday through Saturday from 09:00 to 24:00 h. and on Sundays and public holidays from 12:00 to 17:00 h.
  • All information about times and rates can be found on the parking machines on the pavements.
  • You can pay with your debit card if it has a V-pay or Maestro logo, or with your Visa or Master card.

On Easter Sunday, Whit Sunday and Christmas Day, no parking charges apply.

Car parks

If you wish to leave your car for a longer time, you can use one of the car parks.

Google map with car parks (parkeergarages) and Park & Rides (P+R)externe-link-icoon


Coaches cannot park in or around the inner city. There is enough room for them at P+R Kardingeexterne-link-icoon. Passengers can use the city bus to travel to the city centre

Parking for disabled drivers

  • Do you want to use a disabled parking space and does the sign state a maximum parking time? In that case, display your disabled parking permit together with your parking disc. If the sign does not provide any time indication, you need not use a parking disc.
  • Do you want to use a regular parking space in a blue zone? Then use your disabled parking permit as well as your parking disc. Outside the blue zone there is no need to use a parking disc.
  • Do you want to park in a paid parking area? In that case you do not have to pay at a parking machine, but you do have to display your disabled parking permit as well as your parking disc visibly behind the windscreen.
  • When using your parking disc in combination with your disabled parking permit, you have a maximum parking time of 3 hours outside parking spaces in low-traffic residential areas, in no-parking zones and on a single broken yellow line.