International Affairs

Groningen is an international city of knowledge. International contacts and cooperation are crucial for the development of knowledge. Knowledge and talent are important building blocks for our identity and economy.


With our policy for internationalization we help our knowledge-institutions and companies to successfully attract talent and knowledge. Therefore we also take part in European networks and in European projects.

We maintain our international relations and we promote economic cooperation, to help our universities and businesses. With our prime position as city of knowledge, we aim to attract and retain international talent.

Groningen in Europe

In most of our thematical focus areas (e.g energy transition, sustainability, climate adaptation), our municipal goals match those of the European Union. This makes for good and concrete opportunities to do projects with partners in Europe, partly funded by the European Commission. In this way we achieve our goals better, faster or more conveniently. Whenever possible, we engage in development of European projects together with our local partners, such as knowledge institutions and businesses.

Relationship management and partner cities

Our international relationship management and the maintenance of our diplomatic relations is another important way of contributing to our main goals. 

Special attention is given to our ties with the northern German cities of Oldenburg, Bremen and Hamburg. We cherish our long-standing, intensive and successful relationships with these cities and remain committed to maintaining good neighborliness.

Economic cooperation

Economic cooperation is another activity that contributes to strengthening our position as an international city of knowledge. Our current cooperation with Germany is an important part of our international economic policy. We pay special attention to our common interest in good infrastructure for cross-border (rail) transport. Additionally, we will focus on developing and maintaining relationships with other European and global cities. Whenever needed and possible, we open doors for entrepreneurs and knowledge partners, enabling them to do business with each other or to set up projects.

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