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Request a postal address

A postal address is the address of a family member, acquaintance or organisation that receives your post.


Under what circumstances can you request a postal address?

  • If you will be living abroad for 8 months or fewer.
  • If you are living in a care institution or prison.
  • If you have no home address. Note! A temporary accommodation address or an address at a recreation park are also home addresses. You must then register at that address.


If you will be living abroad for longer than 8 months, you must inform us that you are emigrating.

Legal entity

Your postal address can also be the address of a legal entity, such as a foundation. This legal entity must be established in the Netherlands and must be designated by the municipality.


  • E-mail: You can start the application by e-mail to burgerzaken@groningen.nl. We will set up a secure connection. 
  • Post: It is also possible to send the application by post to: Municipality of Groningen, PO Box 30026, 9700 RM Groningen.

Enclose documents

  • A completed and signed application and permission form (pdf 34 kB).
  • Evidence that you are living in a care or other institution or penitentiary institution (if applicable).


You will receive a written decision about your request within 4 weeks of applying.