Coronavirus: consequences for municipal services

The services of the Municipality of Groningen will remain available to residents and companies. There are, however, a few adjustments due to the coronavirus. 

Last updated: 18 November 11:30

Office opening hours

Civil Affairs Offices

Only the Civil Affairs offices in Kreupelstraat, Haren and Ten Boer are open by appointment. You can go there for an appointment on Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. The offices in Hoogkerk and Lewenborg are temporarily closed.

By appointment only

You can make an appointment online for Kreupelstraat and Haren. In urgent cases, you can make an appointment the same day via 14 050. You should also call 14 050 for appointments. If you have health complaints (a cold, cough, fever), we ask you to postpone your appointments with the municipality.

Non-residents Record Database (RNI) registrations

In the case of registrations in the Non-residents Record Database (RNI), groups may not be larger than 5 persons.

Harm Buiterplein Offices

The following applies to all offices on Harm Buiterplein:

Hospitality Office

The walk-in consultation hour is cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. We can be contacted by telephoning 14 050 during office hours. You can also send your question to


More spacious layout for goods market

Due to the coronavirus, the goods markets in Groningen will be laid out in a more spacious manner.

  • The stalls are further apart than usual.
  • Come to the market alone.
  • Do not stay too long, in order to minimise crowding.
  • Keep at a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • Scooters, bicycles and bicycle trailers are not permitted at the market.
  • Pay wherever possible by card (pin).

For businesses

Financial support for entrepreneurs

Various entrepreneurs are experiencing the consequences of the measures relating to the coronavirus. Go to Support for entrepreneurs during the coronavirus.

Childcare and education

School transport

School transport for special primary education, special education and regular primary education is running again. The transport companies will be providing the school transport in accordance with the guidelines given by the RIVM and the sector association, Royal Dutch Transport (KNV).

What is the transport arrangement?

Your child’s school will be using the ‘normal’ timetable again:

School transport will proceeding according to the same schedule used before the schools closed. This means that your child will be picked up and dropped off according to the existing agreements and schedules.

The school has an adapted timetable:

If your school is teaching on an adapted timetable and/or at different times than usual, then they will inform the transport company of this so that the route plan can be adjusted to ensure that your child is taken to school and brought home on time. Your transporter will contact you to coordinate the new pick-up and drop-off times.

Now that school transport has started up again, you can pass on any necessary changes yourself in the way that you are accustomed to doing. If your child is sick or will temporarily not be travelling with the taxi for any other reason, please inform the transport company yourself. If there are any permanent changes, you must inform the municipality. Please send us an email at or use the contact form.

Update on school transport for Secondary (Special) Education

Last week we informed you that the recommencement of school transport for Secondary (Special) Education had been postponed until 8 June. This was because the ministry guidelines on transporting the students were not clear enough. 

Recommencement on 8 June 

The guidelines for student transport have since been clarified, so your child can now be transported to school starting on 8 June. Wearing a non-medical mask in the taxi is compulsory. This is the same as the Public Transport guidelines for children aged 13 years and over. The taxi driver will be wearing a surgical mask. 

Health issues 

If your child has health complaints such as a nose cold, runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat, light cough or a temperature elevated to 38°C, then they cannot be transported. If the driver is doubtful as to whether your child is free of complaints, they will decide whether or not your child can be transported. If your child cannot be transported, the transport provider will contact you. 


As parent/carer, you are responsible for ensuring that your child wears a non-medical mask for the journey to and from school. We advise you to purchase a reusable mask. If your child does not wear a mask, they may not be transported, in accordance with the hygiene measures/protocol. You will therefore be responsible for transporting them. 

What next? 

Please let your transporter know by no later than 12:00 noon on 5 June if your child will not be travelling. School transport will recommence according to the same schedule used before the schools closed. This means that children will be picked up and dropped off according to the existing agreements and schedules. If your child has school times that are different to those before 16 March, please inform the transporter. 


If you have any questions about the way transport is to be carried out, please contact the transporter. For other questions, please send an e-mail to or call 14 050.

When is a child not allowed to go to school and use school transport?

Children with complaints should stay at home. Complaints are: coughing and/or sneezing and/or sore throat and/or short of breath and / or fever. Your child can go back to school if he/she has no complaints for at least 24 hours and/or if other family members are no longer short of breath or have a fever for at least 24 hours. You can contact the school to see if online education is an option during this period.

Even if one of your family members or other people with whom you share a household is ill, everyone should stay at home as much as possible. If someone has a fever of more than 38 degrees at home, everyone should stay at home.

Sport and culture


Read the current corona measures that apply to sport on


Tighter measures apply to cultural activities. Check

Vinkhuizen Bicycle Depot

If you need to collect your bike, go to the bicycle depot

Questions about health, health care and assistance

Go to Coronavirus: health and assistance.