Coronavirus: consequences for municipal services

Coronavirus: consequences for services The services of the Municipality of Groningen will remain available to residents and companies. There are, however, a few adjustments due to the coronavirus.

Latest update: Tuesday 1 June 2021

Office opening hours

All the office opening hours (in Dutch).


Recycling Stations cancelled

The Recycling Stations in Rivierenbuurt, Zeeheldenbuurt, Kostverloren, Suikerbuurt and Froukemaheerd are cancelled until further notice. The contact persons have been informed in the meantime.


The chemokar for disposing of small chemical waste (KCA) will not come to your neighbourhood or district up to 5 July 2021. You can hand in your KCA at the waste disposal station on Duinkerkenstraat or Electronstraat. Unfortunately, for employees of the chemokar it still is not safe enough to get small chemical waste handed over.


Check this site for basic rules.

More spacious layout for goods market

Due to the coronavirus, the goods markets in Groningen are laid out in a more spacious manner. The stalls are further apart than usual.

  • Come to the market alone.
  • Do not stay too long, in order to minimise crowding.
  • Keep at a distance of 1.5 metres from others.
  • Scooters, bicycles and bicycle trailers are not permitted at the market.
  • Pay wherever possible by card (pin).

For businesses

Support for entrepreneurs during the coronavirus crisis

Various entrepreneurs are experiencing the consequences of the measures relating to the coronavirus. Go to Support for entrepreneurs during the coronavirus for the TOZO scheme, the municipality of Groningen’s support measures, contact details for the Chamber of Commerce office, various national arrangements and other relevant information.


Secondary and vocational education

As of Monday 31 May, the secondary schools can be fully reopened. Pupils do not have to keep distance from each other. They can, however, test themselves at home twice a week. All schools must be fully open as of Monday 7 June.

Since Monday April 26, students at universities and colleges have been able to attend lessons physically on location 1 day a week.

Day care open

Day care facilities for children aged 0-4 may re-open starting from 8 February 2021.

After-school care

After-school care (buitenschoolse opvang, BSO) may re-open starting from 19 April 2021.

School transport

The route schedule for week 50 2020 currently applies. The carrier will notify parents of any adjustments to the route.

If a primary school student will not be travelling with the school transport, parents must notify the carrier.

As of February 8, the following rules apply to School Transport:

  • Non-medical face masks are mandatory for secondary education students, including those in special education. Other children do not need to wear a face mask.
  • Wherever possible, children and young people should board and disembark themselves, and fasten their own seat belts. The driver can help if necessary.
  • Primary school students aged 13 years and above must sit as far away from the driver as possible.
  • The driver will disinfect their hands after assisting a child in boarding or disembarking, or in securing a wheelchair.
  • The driver will give the contact points an extra clean.

Carrier contact details

If you require permission from the municipality or have a question, you can reach us by sending an e-mail to You can find the current guidelines and transport protocols on the Publiekvervoer (Public Transport) website (Dutch).

More information

For more information about corona measures in education and childcare, please visit the national government website.


Visit to find out the current coronavirus measures that apply to sport.

You can also read the frequently asked questions about coronavirus and sport on the Central government website (Dutch) or on this English page on the same website.

Art, culture and recreation

As of 19 May 2021 outdoor locations like open air theaters, open air museums, sculpture gardens and open air monuments are open, under conditions.
Artistic and cultural activities such as music schools and centers for the arts, are permitted indoors, under conditions.
As of 5 june other cultural locations like museums, monuments, cinemas, film houses, concert halls, pop venues and theaters are also open, under conditions. For more information about cultural activities, please visit the national government website.

Culture - SPOT Groningen

For more information about the cultural activities, please visit SPOT Groningen (Dutch).


As of 19 May 2021 open air play and recreation facilities, like petting zoos and outdoor playgrounds are open under conditions. Rental services for recreational equipment, like canoes, boats and bicycles, are open under conditions.
For more information about recreation, please visit the national government website (Dutch).


As of 20 May 2021, libraries are open, under conditions.
For more information about libraries, please visit the national government website (Dutch).

Vinkhuizen Bicycle Depot

The bicycle depot is open by appointment on working days between 09:00 and 16:00. Call 050 579 75 74 for an appointment.

Questions about health, healthcare and assistance

Please visit Coronavirus: health and assistance.