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Shared car

The municipality of Groningen wants to significantly increase the supply of shared cars and encourage their use. Privately owned cars are stationary 95% of the time, taking up valuable street space.

More mindful car sharing can lead to the disposal of private cars and prevent new purchases. Car sharing also leads to more mindful (and therefore less) car use and encourages the use of bicycles and public transport.

What are the benefits for you?

Having a car of your own can easily cost between €250 and €400 a month. If you don't travel by car on a daily basis, that’s a great waste of money, especially since it's becoming much easier these days to use a car without the burden of ownership. No more worries about depreciation, road tax, insurance, maintenance, cleaning and parking permits.

Using a shared car can cost as little as € 25 per day. Whether a shared car could be beneficial to you depends on how often and how far you drive. Calculate how much you could save. Should you decide that you still want to own your own car, you can also share your car with others through a platform such as SnappCar. This could help you to greatly reduce your monthly car ownership costs.    

Shared cars

There are various shared cars available.

Professional shared car provider

There are several professional shared car providers active in Groningen. You’ll find these shared cars on the street and they often have a fixed location. This means you are always guaranteed a parking space when you return. Where parking space is scarce, in Groningen we give priority to these professional shared cars.
The following professional shared car providers are active in Groningen: 

Private shared cars

Car sharing

Car sharing is also possible between residents. On the SnappCar platform, you can rent cars from other residents or rent out your own car. The owners determine the rates themselves. This method makes different car models accessible to everyone.

Car rental company

Are you going away for a weekend or for a few weeks’ holiday? It is more economical to use a car through a Groningen car rental company than to own your own car:

If you are also a car rental company in the municipality of Groningen, you can be added to this list.

Permits for the provision of shared cars

If you want a permit to offer a shared car in Groningen, you can apply for two types of permit at the municipality of Groningen.

Provider permit

You apply for the provider permit when you want to offer a shared car with a fixed location. This permit costs €83.76 per year. 

Participant permit

You apply for the participant permit when you want to offer a shared car without a fixed location. This permit allows the shared car to use the parking spaces in a specified district.

You can apply for the permits by sending an e-mail.

Requesting a charging station

If you would like to reserve one socket on an existing charging station for an electric shared car, or have a charging station installed (and make use of one socket), then you can lodge a request for the use or installation of a charging station at Allego B.V. 

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