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International Affairs

Groningen is a city with many international contacts. Knowledge institutes in Groningen attract international teachers, students and researchers. Our companies do business abroad, and hire knowledge workers from all over the world.

City of knowledge

As a city of knowledge, Groningen benefits greatly from good contacts abroad, for instance to attract international talents. For that, the International Welcome Centre North was founded. This centre aims to makes settling in Groningen as convenient as possible for new knowledge workers.

Groningen in Europe and the world

Together with our knowledge institutes and knowledge-intensive and innovative companies, we continuously make our city even smarter. The internationalization policy of the City of Groningen aims to facilitate and strengthen initiatives to attract international talents, let them have a pleasant and memorable stay and proliferate economically.

Furthermore, with this policy, international cooperation and sharing of knowledge is encouraged, all with the purpose of making our city more innovative and bringing it closer to the ‘Next City’. In short, Groningen has an open-minded view of the world and likes to work with international partners, in particular in Germany and China.

International trade

We promote international cooperation with the trade and industry of Groningen and help to incite international investments in the northern Netherlands. Wherever possible, the City of Groningen smoothens the way for entrepreneurs to do business abroad. Groningen also offers a warm welcome to international companies wanting to settle here.

Partner cities

Groningen has formal relations with a number of cities in Europe, China and Nicaragua. The relations with our north-German partners cities of Oldenburg, Bremen and Hamburg, and the Chinese cities of Tianjin and Xi’an are maintained actively.

The relations with our other partner cities are mainly reactive, and often in the context of European projects. With Murmansk (Russia) and San Carlos (Nicaragua), the sister city association is maintained by an independent foundation, subsidized by the City of Groningen.

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