Help with your financial matters or energy savings

Do you not know whether you are entitled to certain arrangements? Then come along during the walk-in consultation hours of the Groningen Kredietbank (GKB). They will look at the options with you. Do you need help? Then visit the WIJ-team in your area.

Need help with your financial matters?

Are you concerned about the increase in grocery and energy prices? |Is it increasingly difficult to manage your money? Come along to the GKB's walk-in consultation hours (in Dutch). The GKB is for everyone. The employees will help you:

  • To gain insight and overview of your finances.
  • To check whether you are eligible for schemes.

So don't wait and come by. (in Dutch)

The GKB also organizes information and courses about dealing with money. You can participate in the free course 'Rondkomen kun je leren'. (in Dutch)

Help with saving energy

Would you like help saving energy at home? Then request a free consultationexterne-link-icoon with an energy coach. The coach will give you advice at home about small measures that can save you a lot of energy and therefore money. The energy coach:

  • Will review the home details and your energy bill with you using a checklist.
  • Gives you insight into which devices use the most energy.
  • Gives tips on installing draft excluders, LED lamps, radiator foil, letterbox brush, door closers and a water-saving shower head.
  • Also gives tips on how you can do things differently and what the benefits are. For example, taking shorter showers, (not) heating certain rooms, the importance of ventilation.
  • Provides tips about the consumption of your white goods such as a refrigerator or freezer and the settings of your central heating system.