Coronavirus: health and assistance

Where to go if you have any questions about health care and assistance during the corona crisis?

Health questions

Municipal Health Service (GGD)

You can ask the GGD Groningen questions about the coronavirus. Many answers can be found on the GGD Groningen website.

National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM)

You can find an up-to-date list of questions and answers on the RIVM website

Telephone number

Do you have questions about the coronavirus? Please call the public information number: 0800 - 1351 (between 08:00 and 20:00). From abroad: +31 20 205 1351.

WIJ Groningen

Do you have any questions about matters such as protected housing, daytime activities, mental health problems or youth assistance? You can contact the WIJ Groningen WIJ teams for help and advice. Due to the coronavirus, the WIJ-locations are only open by appointment. View the contact details of the WIJ teams. Check regularly for more news. You can find information about volunteer relief action on this WIJ web page.

Informal care

If you are a carer and you have questions, the staff at steunpunt Mantelzorg (Carer support centre) are available by telephone on 050 - 312 6000 or by e-mail at

Emergency childcare for vulnerable children

Vulnerable children (those without a safe home) are also eligible for emergency childcare. If you would like to make use of this, or if you know of children for whom daily childcare would be the better option, please notify WIJ Groningen.

Care for vulnerable people

  • If you are concerned about families or children in your neighbourhood, please contact WIJ Groningen.
  • If you are very concerned about the safety of children (child abuse), neglect, domestic violence, sexual violence, etc., please contact Veilig Thuis Groningen (0800 - 2000).
  • If you are concerned about homeless people, please contact Meldpunt Overlast en Zorg (Nuisance and Concern Reporting Centre).

Taxi transport (WMO)

Starting on 15 June, you will be able to travel between 6.00 am and 1.00 am. For taxi transport, the following are the most important guidelines for travelling:

  • It is mandatory to have a face mask with you in the taxi. If the distance between the driver and the passenger or between passengers is less than 1.5 metres, wearing a face mask is mandatory. Therefore, make sure that you always have a non-medical face mask with you.
  • Please only use taxi transport if absolutely necessary and you have no alternative transport.
  • If you have health issues that could indicate coronavirus infection, you may not use taxi transport.
  • You can take luggage with you, such as a walker.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot take your mobility scooter with you in the taxi. If you cannot travel by taxi without your mobility scooter, please contact your WIJ team.
  • You can only pay by direct debit or with the exact amount in cash. You can also make a contactless payment with a card if there is a mobile payment device in the taxi. The driver does not carry change.
  • Please book your trip preferably 24 hours in advance.
  • Preferably travel outside rush hour times, which are from 7.00 to 9.00am and from 2.00 to 4.00pm.
  • Your carrier may ask you to adjust your travel times if possible, in accordance with the availability of vehicles and drivers.
  • For bookings and questions about the amended guidelines, please contact your carrier. ¬†

Take care of each other!

The drivers work in accordance with the adapted KNV (Royal Dutch Transport) guidelines, which are based on the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) guidelines. We ask you to do the same. For bookings and questions about the amended guidelines, please contact your carrier. Unfortunately, there are fewer drivers and vehicles available due to the coronavirus outbreak. This means that we are not always able to provide the same driving service that you were accustomed to. The drivers are doing everything they can, but must also make do with the options available to them. This is very inconvenient for everybody, and in these uncertain times, we appreciate your assistance and understanding. More information is available here (in Dutch).

Red Cross help line

Are you in quarantine or in isolation at home? You can talk about this with the Red Cross help line (070 - 44 55 888). You can also call the Red Cross help line for additional help and advice.