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Parking in Groningen

welcome to Groningen

Groningen is an attractive city, that receives many visitors. They come to Groningen to work, to shop, to visit a museum or to enjoy its nightlife. Whatever the reason for visiting, parking is important, commuters use the P+R sites, visitors the car parks, and there is street parking for short visits. With 15,000 parking spaces, there is enough space for everyone.

Car parking Groningen

To avoid congestion, the city centre and the surrounding districts operate a restricted parking system, which means that you have to pay to park in these areas. The relevant areas are indicated by signs. For a short visit or a quick errand you can park on the street, but only in the designated parking spaces. The parking fee is € 2.50 per hour inside the inner city ring of canals. On most of the streets in this district you can park for a maximum of 1 hour. Paid parking applies in the city centre from Monday to Wednesday from 09.00 am to 10.00 pm and from Thursday to Saturday from 09.00 am to midnight. The parking fee is € 1.80 per hour in the districts around the city centre. You can use a parking space for a maximum of 2 hours. In all parking zones paid parking applies from 09.00 am onwards, but the time at which paid parking ends differs from district to district. Be sure to read the information on the ticket machines. NB: During 2014, the existing ticket machines will be replaced by cashless machines. When the cashless machines have been installed, you can no longer pay with coins, only with a debit card, Visa, Mastercard or Maestro. Here you find more information about Bank Card Parking.

Official national holidays

On (shopping) Sundays and official national holidays, you can park free of charge, except in the De Linie district, the area around the station and the Martiniplaza. The official national holidays are - New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, King’s Day, Liberation Day (5 May), Good Friday, Ascension Day, White Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. NB paid parking also applies on Remembrance Day (4 May).

Car parking Groningen 1

Park at the edge of the city use P+R
There are 5 P+R sites on the edge of the city. The City bus will take you to the city and back in comfort. Extremely convenient for commuters, but also for a day's shopping. When you approach the city by car, you will see signs directing you to the nearest P+R site. You can park for free on this site; you pay € 6,- for a return trip, ont the same day, for a ticket valid for a maximum of 5 people. For people who use these services frequently, special P+R season bus tickets are available from Q-buzz. For current bus times, rates and season tickets, please visit of call 0900-728 99 65.

Parking for People with Disabilities
In Groningen, the following rules apply to holders of a disabled parking badge:

•  You may park for a maximum of 3 hours in areas where parking is prohibited, provided you do not obstruct other road users.

•  You can park free of charge in areas where paid parking applies.

The disabled parking badge and the parking disc must always be displayed visibly on the dashboard of the car. You may not drive or park in pedestrian areas.

Car parks
There are 13 car parks in and around the city centre. For rates, locations, opening hours and clearance height, please click here.

Signs along the entry routes to the inner city direct you to the nearest car park. Electronic vol/vrij (full/spaces free) signs indicate the best route to follow.

Coaches cannot park in or around the city centre. There is enough room for them at P+R Kardinge. Passengers can use the city bus to travel to the city centre.

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